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its both our fault

"FUCK YOU AND YOUR BULLSHIT! ALL YOU WANT TO DO IS SIT AROUND THE REST OF YOUR LIFE AND SMOKE POT, INSTEAD OF MAKE SOMETHING OF YOURSELF!!! YOU ARE STUPID!! AND I DONT WANT TO BE APART OF IT ANYMORE...  I know I did stupid shit and acted like a girl, which I HATE! and I am sorry..BUT YOU HAVE TO OWN UP TO YOUR SIDE OF OUR  RELATIONSHIP! key word being OUR! I was retarded, I get it, and I really dont give a fuck but I apoligized. you LIED and bitched and said hurtful things... do I get an apology, NOPE! well fuck you... I need to stop caring what you think, cuz what you think is irrelavent... why should I care if I KNOW that everytime its gonna be something negative.  IM SO TIRED OF WATCHING MY WORDS AROUND YOU!!! I was me, but not completely and I somehow tricked myself into thinking that I was, with you. You were like a drug, I wanted you around all the time...I needed you all the time... but not anymore. All were ever going to do is hold me back, stay in YOUR world... and abandon mine...and it was cool for awhile I liked your world...but then there is just a point where you need to wake up and smell the fresh aroma of LIFE!!!! And I guess I've just chosen to a lil sooner than you... and I can respect that, so whatever do your thing...but I will not be joining you...not anymore. I DO love you and I will always love you, but lets face it...we dont fit...and we never have... which is the saddest thing to realize.  Im sorry for everything...everythiing you know I did, and everything you dont...Im sorry. trust is the key component in a relationship and I never deserved yours...."

this is what I would like to say to jordan, but we arent talking...
 But whatever. Im through with the bullshit, Im done with holding on... and Im ready to have fun...FINALLY!!! 
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